Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Man Wins More Than £500 After Placing Bet On Luis Suarez To Bite An Opponent At The World Cup

Worth a punt: Thomas Syverson placed the bet with odds at 175-1 on online gambling website Betsson

A man has won more than £500 after placing a bet on Luis Suarez to bite an opponent at the 2014 World Cup 

Norwegian Thomas Syverson staked £3 on the Liverpool forward attempting to bite someone at this summer's showpiece at 175-1 through online gambling website Betsson. Mr Syverson, of Trondheim, was one of 167 punters who made this bet - with one person even scooping a larger win of almost £2,000.

A slip posted online shows the bet of 32 Norwegian Krone (£3.09) that was placed by Blackpool fan Mr Syverson - with his payout coming in at 5,600 Krone (£540.26).

He told AftenPosten: ‘I woke up just before it happened, so I was not awake. I saw the incident on replays. It was pretty special. For me it was a success, so I'm happy.

‘I think Luis Suarez is a very good football player, but I’m a Blackpool supporter. So therefore I would not wear a Suárez shirt. But maybe I’ll buy one for my girlfriend.’
Mr Syverson added that he is celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday on Saturday, so will spend some of the prize money on a ‘nice gift’ for her.

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