Monday, 2 June 2014

Bride Comes Under Fire For Strapping Newborn Baby On Train Of Her Wedding Dress As She Walked Down The Aisle

A Tennessee woman Shona Carter-Brooks has come under fire for putting her newborn baby on the train of her wedding dress and dragged the baby along while she walked down the aisle.

Shona Carter-Brooks defended her action and said in a Facebook post that the four-week old baby was safe because she was "covered by Christ." She added that her baby was "awake and well-secured" the entire time she was being dragged.

However, commenters were outraged to see the picture of the baby on the train of her mother's wedding dress and demanded she be reported to child protection services. Others said that what Cater-Brooks did was child abuse.
Carter-Brooks posted on Facebook that her wedding dress was by Vera Wang and was bought in David's Bridal. She said the dress was customised to fit the baby. Her wedding dress was believed to have been bought for around $400 to $1,400.  
Carter-Brooks told the people on Facebook who had "something negative" to say about what happened that they do what they want "as long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine."
She concluded her Facebook post that it was just that "exclusive and epic enough we made to blog" even if they were from a small town in Ripley, Tennessee.
Various social media reactions went from "classless", "incredibly dangerous" and "sick." Some commenters said the baby could have suffered from "carpet burn" from being dragged on the floor of Elam Baptist Church.
One woman said on Facebook that she would have gotten up and took the baby from the floor if she was there.
Carter-Brooks has another daughter named Jania, aside from newborn baby Aubrey. Her husband works as a forklift driver in Tennessee. 
The wedding dress, which is believed to be from the Vera Wang diffusion line White by Vera Wang, appears to have been altered to allow for the little girl

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