Friday, 19 September 2014

Man Commits Suicide Live on Skype While Spectators Watch

Sergey Kirilov, 26, from Moscow, committed suicide on Skype while others watched and encouraged him 

A shocking Skype suicide where a young man hanged himself while online spectators urged him on is being investigated by police in Russia. Sergey Kirilov, 26, from Moscow, had announced his own death on a social networking site and asked anyone who wanted to see it to link to him on Skype.

Astonished police say instead of trying to stop him, many urged him on, saying a 'real man' would have killed himself more quickly.One even told him: 'Come on, are you ready yet? Go on - do it.'

And another urged: 'If a man says he's going to do something, he needs to do it.' 
Moscow police are now trying to trace all the people who watched Mr Kirilov's suicide through their internet service providers.

Spokesman Leonti Zubarev said: 'It is beyond belief that people could watch this as a form of entertainment.

'We will be investigating everyone who watched this incident, especially those who urged him to carry it out who may be guilty of negligent homicide.'

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