Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Nigerian Man Who Advertised Himself At A train Station Flooded with Job Offers

Determined job seeker Alfred Ajani is approached by a businessman after advertising himself during rush hour at London's Waterloo StationHe later tweeted a photo of his phone to show how busy he had been, with the message: 'I did alright'

A Nigerian Man, who took to a train Station to advertise his CV to commuters, is now one step closer to landing his dream job.

According to DailyMail, Alfred Ajani, 22, received widespread praise after ditching online application for his CV in search for a job, but decided to distribute his CV to businessmen and women passing through the busy London terminal.

His radical approach to job-hunting has now paid off and he told today how he could now be on his way to Barcelona.

Alfred took to the station concourse early yesterday morning and, after some commuters looked at him in surprise, many stopped to speak about potential positions.

After being inundated with emails and calls, the marketing graduate from Coventry University has now had an interview with sports hospitality firm THG Sports.

He said: 'The response has been incredible. I've even had to have my family and friends help me go through all the emails and phone messages I've received.

'I've spoken to THG about a sales position in Barcelona, which would be a brilliant as it is in the area I want to go into and studied.

'Living abroad would be a great experience too, so it's something I'm really excited about.'

Since graduating in May, Alfred had applied for 300 positions in the crowded graduate jobs market without success and so decided to take a more direct approach to finding work.

After his success yesterday, he said: 'My mum, Lola, is really proud of me. She gave me a big hug when she saw the response I had got. And she had me up at 5.30am this morning following up some of the offers I have received.'

Alfred is still waiting to hear back from some of people who took his details yesterday, but is optimistic he will find a job and is encouraging others to follow his lead.

After posting a picture of all the messages he had on his phone, he tweeted: 'Battery is on 17%. Few opportunities look to be coming my way. Would advise recent graduates to do what I did'

Alfred has applied for 300 positions since graduating without success so decided to try a different approachAlfred has applied for 300 positions since graduating without success so decided to try a different approach

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