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The Making Of D’tunes

Music producer D'tunes, real name Adesanya Doyinsola like most successful musicians all over the world started music from the Church by learning how to play the drums and keyboard. Years later, his musical prowess has been channeled into beat making and song writing despite early oppositions from parents.
 At a tender age of 21, D'tunes has already made his mark in the industry by lacing tracks for popular acts like Iyanya, Sean Tizzle, Dammy Krane, Faze, Ruggedman, Dipp, Lord of Ajasa, Iceberg Slim, Shank and many others.

In an interview with Hiphopworld Magazine, D’Tunes tells his story on music production, meeting Iyanya, Why he drop out of School and more. Read after the cut.

HHWM – When did you get into music production?
D’Tunes – I started production full time 2008, but I have been producing a long time before that. I started back in the days when I was staying in Festac, I produced for Ruggedman, Soundsultan

HHWM – How did you meet Iyanya and Sean Tizzle?
D’Tunes – I met Iyanya through his manager who heard one of my beats, and decided they will like Iyanya and I to work together on his album. Then for Sean Tizzle, we have been together for a long time, he was actually signed to me as a songwriter which was how he met Sound Sultan. Tizzle is family.

HHWM – How did you get your big break?
D’Tunes – I got my lucky break when Denrele heard one of my beats, and fell in love with it. He didn’t just fall in love with it, he went ahead to start telling people about me. That’s when I started producing DIPP, then later I worked with Dammy Krane, It was from there that Iyanya’s manager heard my beat, and contacted me to work with Iyanya on his album.

HHWM – How was it like working with Iyanya?
D’Tunes – I used to tell people that even though I made the beat for all the monster hits from Iyanya on his Desire album, it’s not just all me. I believe it was the synergy between Iyanya and I. It’s not every artist that can bring my idea to life because their thinking is not at my level, we don’t gel. But with Iyanya, he understood my ideas and was able to bring it to reality, same for me too; I understood what Iyanya wanted, and I brought it to life with my beats.

HHWM – What is the most challenging part of your job as a producer?
D’Tunes – The most challenging part of my job as a producer is to be on my toes every time. It’s very hard bringing an artist from obscurity to popularity. I did it with Iyanya and Sean Tizzle. Iyanya exploded with ‘Kukere’ and Sean tizzle with ‘Sho Le’.

HHWM – How did you come up with ‘Sho Le’, the track that gave Sean Tizzle the break?
D’Tunes – As a matter of fact, I was a little bit surprised the song could blow up that much because we made it in 30 minutes. We were in a playful mode that day, he sang the chorus, I laid the beat, and we were done in 30 minutes.

HHWM – How was the support from your folks like when you got into music production?
D’Tunes – The first thing my parents told me especially my dad when I told him I wanted to drop out to face music fully was I want to waste the brain God gave me, he was surprise because he believed I could do better with a professional course in school. They were like they know I could make anything I lay my hands on work regardless but why music of all things.
But now he has come around and he supports me in everything I do, the first few years I started, he was supporting me financially and morally.

HHWM – What is the craziest thing D’tunes has done?
D’Tunes – It takes guts drop out of school, and say you want to do music. When I wanted to get into music full time, me and a couple of friends decided we will drop out of school, take all the money we had and push it into our music.
I was in a rap group of 8 “Resolution squad”, we decided to drop out of school, and come to Lagos to get started into music. We gathered all our school fees totaling around 700,000 but eventually it didn’t work out as we planned.

HHWM – What should we expect from Difference Entertainment and are you going back to school any time soon?
D’Tunes – We have a plan to go beyond music, We will go into films and cartoon production. We are opening Different Pictures and Difference media group (DMG), DMG is going to be a label that can survive even without an artist on it. We intend to use DMG to bridge the gap between artist and the corporate world. DMG will be like what P.Diddy does in America.
About the question on school; Yes I am going back to school but if I’m going back to school, it is to study film production, something that aligns with my goals.

HHWM – How did you survive as a producer before you blew up?
D’Tunes – I finished secondary school at 13, stayed at home for 2 years before going to NIIT for my first degree, then I dropped out of school at 19 to do music fully. What I did then was sell my beats for $100 on facebook to foreign and local artistes. For example, I can go on Timbaland’s facebook wall, send message to all his friends telling them that I make beats, and I can sell it to them for the right price. Then if they like the snippet I sent them, they will pay me via Western Union. I have produced a lot of hits that are not credited to me.
I was also under Capital Dream for a while. Clarence really believed in me, he was always telling people that one day I was going to be big. When I collected the award for the best producer of the year at the Headies, he was so happy, and proud that he saw it coming.

HHWM – Why Did You Drop Out Of School?
D’Tunes – I just looked at it like I can come out with first class if I set my mind to it then eventually it’s all for nothing because there are no jobs readily available in Nigeria, but I know my music is guaranteed. People will definitely listen to music. I can make a difference with my music.

HHWM – Are you dropping An Album any time soon?
D’Tunes – For now I don’t think any album will be released from D’tunes. I look at the business side of things. Once there is a business angle to it, then I can drop an album, for now it’s my skills that is bringing in the money, but as soon as things change, you will hear some materials from me. I have a lot of tracks recorded already with top musicians in Nigeria.


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