Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lalu Wins Knorr Taste Quest Season 1


Lalu Surdiham, a chef working in Lagos has emerged as the winner of the Knorr Taste Quest cooking competition. It was a grand finale filled with tension that could have been cut with a knife, as the trio of Ifeyinwa Mogekwu, Lalu Surdiham and Patricia Allison got ready to battle to become Nigeria's best.

Unfortunately for them, in a shocking and surprising twist, the judges announced the comeback of Saratu and Gregory, the last two contestants to be evicted from the show, thereby decreasing the chances of the initial three. 
The battle started with the contestants tasked with making an appetizer within twenty minutes using Kpopo garri, Water leaf, Ikolo (worms) and Offili. It continued with the main course, where the contestants had to create a sea food delicacy using; Cat fish, Electric fish, Stock fish, Coco yam and Cassava. The final task was to whip up a dessert, using; Guava, Dates, Agbalumo, Sugarcane, Zobo leaves and Garri. 

After the judges’ deliberation, Manny, the show’s presenter announced Saratu as the 3rd place winner, Patricia in 2nd place, and Lalu the winner of the competition. Ifeyinwa and Gregory came in fourth and fifth place respectively.
 The third place winner went home with Five Hundred Thousand naira cash, and kitchen equipments worth Three Hundred Thousand naira, while the second place winner was rewarded with a cash prize of One million Naira, and Three Hundred Thousand naira worth of kitchen equipments. 
Lalu, as the winner of the competition, went home with a 2013 Hyundai Elantra, One Million Naira, kitchen equipments worth Three Hundred Thousand Naira and most of all, the bragging rights to be called Nigeria's best. 

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