Friday, 26 April 2013

Allen Iverson goes broke : Admits To His Wife That He Couldn’t Afford A Cheeseburger


Say it isn’t so, Not NBA Legend Allen Iverson. If anyone would have said that someone with the talents of Allen Iverson would end up crying in a courtroom about being broke at the end of his career, I would have strongly disagreed.

 But that’s exactly what has happened to A.I. and that is exactly what he did.  What happened to the most spoiled NBA player on and off the court? What about the money from the clothing and shoe lines?  All the money from the endorsement deals over the years?  And why isn’t he somewhere hosting a show on ESPN or Sports Center? Simply put…WTF Happened?

This is what happened according to the Washington Post:

Three years after Iverson’s last NBA  game, the  spotlight has shifted from his play to his flaws. His refusal back then to play  by society’s rules was seen as an independent player’s quirks, part of the character and the brand, same as his cornrows and tattoos.

Practicing with hangovers added to the legend. Skipping team functions and  refusing to obey the league’s dress code was a man who wouldn’t be held down.  And embarrassing defenders on the way to the basket, in the NBA and before that  at Georgetown, was a nightly statement by the 6-foot, 165-pound guard: If a man,  no matter his size, is determined enough, he can get the better of giants.

But Iverson isn’t a basketball  player anymore.  This is something most everyone but Iverson has accepted, and for years a  question worried those closest to him: What happens when the most important part  of a man’s identity, the beam supporting the other unstable matter, is no longer  there?

For the past three years, as Iverson chased an NBA comeback, his marriage  fell apart and much of his fortune – he earned more than $150 million in salary alone during his career – dissolved. Now, those who once ignored past signals  have recognized that basketball may have  been the only thing holding Iverson’s life together.

“He has hit rock bottom, and he just hasn’t accepted it yet,” says former  Philadelphia teammate Roshown McLeod.

Iverson stood during a divorce proceeding in Atlanta in 2012 and pulled out his  pants pockets. “I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” he shouted toward  his estranged wife, Tawanna, who then handed him $61.

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