Thursday, 28 March 2013

Kanye West to call new single 'I am God'


Kanye West's new single will allegedly be called 'I Am A God' and a friend of the star's says he doesn't mean the title to be 'presumptuous or sacrilegious'. 

The controversial rapper's next album was originally rumoured to be given the holy moniker 'I Am God', but a source has now revealed it is actually the title of his next single and insisted there would be an extra 'A' in the name.

The insider confirmed the title to the Huffington Post, before adding: 'We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call ourselves the supreme being.'

The Biblical-inspired track is thought to be a reference to Psalm 82, which details the idea that all people are manifestations of higher beings.

The Psalm words include: 'I said, 'You are gods/ And all of you are children of the Most High./ But you shall die like men/ And fall like one of the princes.'

Kanye's songwriter Malik Yusef appears to have confirmed the news in a tweet to Team Kanye Daily.

He posted: '@TeamKanyeChi its 'I am(A) GOD' FAMO #psalms 82 (sic)'

The 35-year-old singer is famed for his strong sense of self-worth and recently launched into an onstage rant, saying he had the power to create a 'utopia' and change the music industry.

'We need the music business to be evened out and fair. I've never won a Grammy against a white artist. I'm motherfing Kanye West, we can create a human utopia if we try,' he said.


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